Apr 02

It was announced today by HBO that GoT is renewed for a fourth season. So that’s nice. And I was right in my previous speculation about where some of the changes this season would be made. I’ll have to think about that some more.

Mar 29

Don’t decode this unless you have read the third book or you are happy to be spoiled! It contains speculation on some essential changes that we will see in the third season of the TV show.

In the first season we see Barristan Selmy leave King’s Landing. He isn’t in the second season at all. In season three we can expect him to turn up in Essos and contact Daenerys Targaryen. In the books he uses a false name and we don’t know who he really is until a much later reveal. In the TV show of course we will recognise him immediately. Will the TV show follow the books and have him reveal his identity much later or, since it’s already spoiled, do it sooner?

Jun 03

Less than a day until the final episode of season two of Game of Thrones airs on Sky Atlantic here in the UK. Up until now I have watched the previous episode again before each new one, but since episode nine, Blackwater, skipped most of the plot lines that will be visited in the finale it seems more appropriate to watch episode eight again.

May 25

I made a good guess in this old post (warning SPOILERS). Except

the character who seems to get killed off near the end may turn out to be magically saved in the next volume. So in fact there wasn’t a death of a major character after all. But we won’t know for a couple of years.

Apr 10

It’s official – HBO has ordered a third season of Game of Thrones. Season two has been excellent so far.

Apr 05

So, a shout out for Game of Thrones on The Secret Circle! Am I the only person who noticed that, or are my ears broken?

Apr 04

Season two has begun and is even better than season one. Today it was announced that the show had won a Peabody award. No news on renewal yet though.

Aug 05


Well. That managed to surprise me. More than once.

Jul 26

Today I finished rereading A Feast For Crows and am about to start A Dance With Dragons.

Jul 14


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