Feb 03

Ordered Monday, arrived Tuesday and put on charge overnight (16 hours required before use) set up today.

Sennheiser RS-130 and HDR-130. Base station and two sets of headphones.


Supplementary headphones.


Just two little AAA NiMH batteries.


Base station and head set.



Installed in the home theatre room for late night viewing of 24, Lost and other noisy shows.


The base station charges two sets of headphones OK.

The SKY HD box conveniently outputs an analog stereo signal simultaneously with the optical digital 5.1

UPDATE: 4 Feb 2010.

21CQ7H9XJ7L._SL500_AA200_.jpgClipboard 1

Today this SCART->3.5mm headphone adapter arrived and I found it worked to get stereo out of my home theatre unit so now I can get headphone sound while watching DVDs or AVIs on a USB flash drive. The sound out on the SCART turns on when the HT speaker volume is set to Min (0).

Feb 03


Pip likes to lie on the landing.

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