Mar 27

A Dance With Dragons now has a publication date. And the TV series starts in April. I’ll have to reread a few thousand pages before starting Dance or I won’t be able to follow it. And I still have the Patrick Rothfuss sequel to read. And I’ll need to reread the first one of those too 🙂

Mar 27

After ten weeks The Killing ended last night with a satisfying finale and a teaser for the next series to be shown later this year.

I have to say it again – a satisfying finale! How many shows have managed that lately?


Mar 25

JP Teti:

The iPad only does less than a regular computer to us geeks. To
everyone else, it does more. This is what Motorola and Google and
Samsung and BlackBerry and everyone else, with the sole exception
of Apple, do not get about “open” computing.

Astute analysis of the iPad to regular folks.

[From More Open]

I know a lot of people who would get along better with an iPad than a regular computer 🙂

Mar 17

Ceanna is nine today. She had some ham.


Mar 10


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