Jun 22

After the awesome finale of the TV show Game of Thrones I started rereading the books to get up to speed for the fifth volume which comes out in a few weeks. So far on rereading for the first time after nearly five years it’s remarkable how closely the TV series hewed to the first book, A Game of Thrones. Lines of dialogue were lifted exactly from the book, and many others just shortened a little.

Much closer than any other adaptation I can think of, and the better for it.

Jun 04

Nice catch from MacDailyNews: as of the close of market today, Apple is worth more than Microsoft and Intel combined. And some tasty claim chowder on this Bill Gates quote from June 1998, regarding Steve Jobs’s return to Apple as CEO:

“What I can’t figure out is why he [Steve Jobs] is even trying? He knows he can’t win.”

According to Wolfram Alpha, using their mean market caps for the entire month of June 1998 (it was a volatile month amidst the boom), the Wintel combination was worth $339 billion, vs. $3.5 billion for Apple. Put another way, Microsoft and Intel combined were worth 96 times more than Apple then. Since then, you get this.

[From Apple vs. Wintel] via daringfireball

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