Sep 25

I had a dream. I dreamed of a burger with cheese and chili and an egg on top. I related this dream to Mrs Wife and she pointed out that I had forgotten bacon. So today I made my dream with bacon.

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Sep 15

Went to see Colombiana starring Amandla Stenberg as young Cataleya Restrepo and Zoe Saldana as grown up Cataleya.

Young Cataleya witnesses the murder of her parents by drug dealers in Bogota. She escapes to Chicago and is raised by her uncle who is a hit man and teaches her the trade. Grown up Cataleya is a contract killer with a sideline in trying to find and eliminate her parents’ murderers who are now hidden in the USA under CIA protection as informants.

Much chasing about and firing of automatic weapons + bombs and martial arts. Four out of five from me.

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