Nov 29

Bought a new bean to cup coffee machine for Xmas and decided to put it to use rather than leave it boxed for a month. The notion was that the running costs would be considerably less than using Tassimo pods. Some experimentation will be required to get a cup of coffee the way we want it.


May 08

This is our third Tassimo machine. It was on sale at Amazon for £49.99 and the second Tassimo machine was a bit worn.




May 19

An Amazon parcel of mixed stuff arrived.


Two boxes of Indian ready meals, four new Sonicare toothbrush heads and a call blocker.

IMG_6054 IMG_6055 IMG_6056

The protective film on the screen required duct tape to remove.


Wiring it up proved surprisingly baffling since I hadn’t had any coffee yet. Blocked WITHHELD and ’00’ prefix (most international) and the last three nuisance numbers still on my caller display memory. I shall add more as they appear.

Apr 03

IMG_6029 IMG_6030 IMG_6031 IMG_6033

Jan 27

After 23 months our previous Microwave Combination Oven died for an unusual reason – the control knob broke making it impossible to set cooking times. For ten pounds more than we paid last time we got an almost identical model except in a black finish and with a different control panel. Why buy the same make again? Because it worked well until the knob broke. The identical model was available but cost twenty pounds more than this one which appears to have exactly the same innards and a different control panel.

IMG_6008 IMG_6012 IMG_6013

Aug 14

Another order from Approved Food arrived today. I had some PayPal funds and it was easier to spend them in places that take PayPal than to transfer them out into the bank account. So eBay got several orders as well, and I renewed my F&SF subscription for another two years.

A big box

Containing four smaller boxes


Each of which contains an assortment of weird foodstuffs I bought. Here are 12 soya desserts for £1, three energy drinks for £0.99, sixteen cans of stuffed green olives, half with almonds and half with lobster for 50p a can…


The rest of the olives, 3 cans of tuna for £1.20, 6 cans of sardines in olive oil with hot peppers for 50p a can, a free gift jar of hoi sin sauce, and some loose cupcakes (48 for £1.99).


8 kosher beef flavour vegetarian instant noodle soups for 50p each, 3 twin packs of vegetarian mango jelly for 50p a pack.


The rest of the 10 packs of salted peanuts for 20p each and a box of 15 muffins for £1.49. There were 2 packs of roasted jumbo cashews at 75p each in there too. About 130 things if you count the individually wrapped cakes.


Feb 27

Our old microwave expired so we got this one on sale.

IMG_5776.JPG IMG_5777.JPG IMG_5778.JPG

It has a 900W microwave, an 1100W grill and a 2500W convection oven that goes up to 240°C. The turntable diameter is 315mm so it is quite a bit bigger than the old one. All stainless steel.

Nov 22


Free delivery.

IMG_5748.JPG IMG_5750.JPG IMG_5751.JPG

Punjabi Choley and pea soup with pork sausage. The ‘Do Not Split’ stickers are amusing 🙂

Nov 03

Bought some food from Amazon’s grocery department. Free delivery.

IMG_5705.JPG IMG_5706.JPG IMG_5707.JPG IMG_5709.JPG

That’s spinach and cottage cheese curry and pickled cucumber soup. Delicious!

Nov 03

The old one died (the scanner couldn’t read any barcodes) so it got replaced with this one:

IMG_5701.JPG IMG_5702.JPG IMG_5703.JPG IMG_5704.JPG

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