Aug 14

Another order from Approved Food arrived today. I had some PayPal funds and it was easier to spend them in places that take PayPal than to transfer them out into the bank account. So eBay got several orders as well, and I renewed my F&SF subscription for another two years.

A big box

Containing four smaller boxes


Each of which contains an assortment of weird foodstuffs I bought. Here are 12 soya desserts for £1, three energy drinks for £0.99, sixteen cans of stuffed green olives, half with almonds and half with lobster for 50p a can…


The rest of the olives, 3 cans of tuna for £1.20, 6 cans of sardines in olive oil with hot peppers for 50p a can, a free gift jar of hoi sin sauce, and some loose cupcakes (48 for £1.99).


8 kosher beef flavour vegetarian instant noodle soups for 50p each, 3 twin packs of vegetarian mango jelly for 50p a pack.


The rest of the 10 packs of salted peanuts for 20p each and a box of 15 muffins for £1.49. There were 2 packs of roasted jumbo cashews at 75p each in there too. About 130 things if you count the individually wrapped cakes.


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