Jan 11

Today I saw the David Fincher version of the film of the book. I think it is slightly better than the Swedish version although I still prefer Noomi Rapace’s take on Lisbeth Salandar to Rooney Mara’s.

Sep 15

Went to see Colombiana starring Amandla Stenberg as young Cataleya Restrepo and Zoe Saldana as grown up Cataleya.

Young Cataleya witnesses the murder of her parents by drug dealers in Bogota. She escapes to Chicago and is raised by her uncle who is a hit man and teaches her the trade. Grown up Cataleya is a contract killer with a sideline in trying to find and eliminate her parents’ murderers who are now hidden in the USA under CIA protection as informants.

Much chasing about and firing of automatic weapons + bombs and martial arts. Four out of five from me.

May 08

Saw Hanna this afternoon. A bit oddly paced and with several dangling plot threads but Saoirse Ronan was excellent in the title role.

Apr 03

Went to see Sucker Punch with my sister this evening. She gave it a 10/10 rating. I wasn’t quite as enthused but I would give it 8/10 as a beautifully made post-narrative film.

Apr 01

Saw Source Code today. Fast-paced, not too long, well acted and didn’t creak at the joints.

Dec 21

Another great little British SF movie after last year’s Moon. Is there a trend of one word titles beginning with ‘M’?

Dec 16

Went to see Sofia Coppola’s new film Somewhere starring Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning. A meditative piece of similar themes to Lost in Translation but less comical. Not much happens but I liked it.

Dec 01

Probably incomprehensible if you hadn’t read the book. Various scenes from the book unclearly connected in the film. Worst of the three, and not a very good film.

At imdb.

Nov 23

Another ‘re-imagining’ of cult character Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer should brace themselves for a cinematic “re-imagining” of the cult character, which producer Charles Roven describes as a “a completely new reboot”.… [From Buffy to slay her way back into cinemas]

At best this would seem to be unnecessary and I expect it will be a lot worse than that. Joss Whedon is not attached to the project in any way.

Aug 29

Not as good a movie as the first one but for those familiar with the books it made a decent effort at the middle volume of the trilogy.

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