Jul 23

Went to see Inception today. It was quite good but I must have missed something (I was a bit tired) as it seemed quite straightforward to me.

Jul 14

Went to see Predators today. I found it a bit tedious which was disappointing. The digital projection was nice and sharp although it did make me think it was just like watching on a very big HD TV with a surround sound system. Which I have at home. And I can pause that to go to the toilet. And there is nobody chattering or texting on a cellphone or kicking the back of my chair.

Jul 06

I see the UK release of the movie, the second in the trilogy, has moved two weeks earlier to 27 August from 10 September. So that’s nice 🙂 I guess the third part will now be released earlier too.

Jun 19

Saw The Brothers Bloom today. It was a little slow in parts, and the plot wasn’t entirely clear. But I did recognise most of the locations in Prague which was neat. It’s always fun to recognise the locations in a movie or TV show.

May 29

Saw The Losers today. It was quite good. The best action sequences were in the first half which is a bit odd. The second half dragged a bit in places. Excellent work from the cast. Not enough Zoe Saldana. Room for a sequel. Lots of people were already leaving when the titles were interrupted with another bit of movie. And then again.

May 11

The boring CGI bits were less boring than in the first one. The quirky human bits were less interesting than in the first one. Blander but less annoying perhaps. The seating algorithm for the online booking put me in a very strange seat considering the theatre was mostly empty.

Mar 27

Saw Kick-Ass today. Very amusing. A sequel couldn’t be as good, but on the other hand it might be better than most of the other stuff that comes out. And it’s out in the UK before the USA 🙂

Mar 14

I saw the Swedish film yesterday and it was very well done. The next two parts are due in the UK in September and November and I’m now looking forward to them keenly.


Jan 25

There are certain works of art that achieve all that they set out to do; and others that change the direction of their very art form. Peter Aspden thinks ‘Avatar’ does both [From Simply out of this world]

At last a commentator who isn’t an idiot!

Jan 11

Got some free time on your hands? Feel like reading the entire Avatar screenplay? Well, you’re in luck because 20th Century Fox has decided to make the entire piece available online for FREE! [From Read the Full Avatar Script Online Legally and for Free]

I finally got around to seeing this (in 3D) yesterday. I think Mr Cameron has another hit on his hands. I may go see it again.

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