Dec 18

Arrived yesterday at 11:09.

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Had the old USB cable so I didn’t need to get one. Downloaded the newest software from Canon and up and running. The envelope printing is much easier than the old printer and the OCR works better too, not that I ever find much need for that. Used up the sample photo-paper and thought the results were very good. I’ll probably never buy any more.

Cheap, prints quickly and well, works with OS X 10.6.2. Ink looks dear but I don’t print very much.

Dec 18


He’s getting bigger.

Dec 18


Today Pip met snow and bit it a lot.

Dec 18

MobileCrunch details a research report [Google translation] released last week by Japanese market research firm Impress R&D showing that the iPhone commands 46.1% of the smartphone market there.For this year, Impress sees the 3G comm… [From iPhone Claims 46% of Japanese Smartphone Market]

So much for those ‘iPhone fails to catch on in Japan’ stories that were going around.

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