Nov 30

MarsEdit 2.4 – Weblog editor. (Shareware): “MarsEdit 2.4MarsEdit is a weblog editor for Mac OS X that makes weblog writing like writing email, with spell-checking, drafts, multiple windows, and even AppleScript support.

It works with with most blog services including WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Movable Type, TypePad, and many others.WHAT’S NEWVersion 2.4:

Improved Squarespace support

Support for server drafts
Support for tags
Support for adding new categories
Improved error handling

Post editor windows now automatically remember size and screen position
Avoid accidental post publishing by disabling the send button when document is not frontmost
Improved error messages for misconfigured Tumblr blogs
Bug fixes

Fixed Flickr image links so they produce valid HTML when align-centered.
Fix a Snow Leopard problem that prevented the Save button from enabling immediately when document is edited
Fix a rare bug that could cause locked up dialogs on the second launch
Fix a crash that could occur when configuring a blog with an extremely weird URL
Fix a bug that occurred when an invalid URL was specified for a blog home page
Fix a bug that caused duplication of tags on a previously published draft
Fix a bug that prevented existing open document from being located when opening a local draft.

REQUIREMENTSMac OS X 10.4 or later. Supports 10.6.PRICE$29.95DEVELOPERRed Sweater SoftwareDOWNLOADS24524DOWNLOAD NOW (3.6 MB)More information”

(Via MacUpdate – Mac OS X.)

This release fixes most of the things that made me like MarsEdit less than ecto. So I guess I’ll have to keep trying both of them for a bit longer. (Posted using MarsEDit 2.4)

Nov 29

Tech-savvy South Koreans began getting their coveted iPhones on Saturday amid fanfare and expectations they will shake up a local market dominated by domestic giants Samsung and LG. Hundreds of iPhone fans lined up to get the phones at an official launch event in Seoul, some waiting overnight. [From Apple’s iPhone Finally Arrives in Tech-Savvy South Korea]

Despite local market peculiarities the iPhone ended up doing well in Japan. It will be interesting to see what happens in South Korea which also has some odd local preferences.

Nov 28

Provision profile expiration time: does it leave you wondering?: “Filed under: Bad Apple, Developer, SDKBack when the iPhone Developer Program was first announced, developer provisions (the ‘permission slips’ that allow developers to distribute pre-release builds of apps in progress) lasted one year. It seemed natural to have a one year expiration, as our developer memberships also lasted one year.

Everything was all fine, developers created new provision profiles as they grew, and each lasted one year. However, sometime in May of this year, provision profiles seemed to start expiring after 90 days. At first, many thought this was linked to the expiration time of their iPhone developer memberships, which would decrease the time to use a provision.

However, it seems that it’s been set that provisions are only going to last 90 days. Also, distribution provision profiles, which are needed to submit applications to the App Store or distribute applications via ad-hoc, now only last about six months instead of one year.

If your provisions are expiring, your iPhone will remind you to renew your provision, and will state when that provision will expire.

If this is the way it’s going to be, we may have to live with it — it’s just something that I would like to stay consistent, rather than wondering every time I renew a provision whether Apple has swapped out its stopwatch again.TUAWProvision profile expiration time: does it leave you wondering? originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Thu, 26 Nov 2009 14:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.Read | Permalink | Email this | Comments”

(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).)

Just long enough for me to forget how to do it all over again every time. I’ve started getting reminders and it’s still 29 days till the profile expires.

Nov 28

It appears the hubbub over iTunes LP production fees was indeed unfounded. As promised last month, Apple has released the complete specifications for its Cocktail extended digital content format, aka iTunes LP for music and iTunes Extras for video content.

Along with the relevant specifications, Apple has released a series of guides explaining development, design, navigation, and asset delivery best practices, as well as how to test an iTunes LP or Extras package before submitting it to Apple. There are also special instructions to make sure your content will work on an Apple TV using the standard Apple remote.

[From Apple releases iTunes LP and Extras specs, TuneKit SDK]

I haven’t bought a complete album off iTunes yet.

Nov 26

Dr Peter Watts, a PhD biologist and a hell of a science fiction writer, talks about what it means that a bunch of climate scientists

Science doesn’t work despite scientists being asses. Science works, to at least some extent, because scientists are asses. Bickering and backstabbing are essential elements of the process. Haven’t any of these guys ever heard of “peer review”?

There’s this myth in wide circulation: rational, emotionless Vulcans in white coats, plumbing the secrets of the universe, their Scientific Methods unsullied by bias or emotionalism. Most people know it’s a myth, of course; they subscribe to a more nuanced view in which scientists are as petty and vain and human as anyone (and as egotistical as any therapist or financier), people who use scientific methodology to tamp down their human imperfections and manage some approximation of objectivity.

But that’s a myth too. The fact is, we are all humans; and humans come with dogma as standard equipment. We can no more shake off our biases than Liz Cheney could pay a compliment to Barack Obama. The best we can do– the best science can do– is make sure that at least, we get to choose among competing biases.

That’s how science works. It’s not a hippie love-in; it’s rugby. Every time you put out a paper, the guy you pissed off at last year’s Houston conference is gonna be laying in wait. Every time you think you’ve made a breakthrough, that asshole supervisor who told you you needed more data will be standing ready to shoot it down. You want to know how the Human Genome Project finished so far ahead of schedule? Because it was the Human Genome projects, two competing teams locked in bitter rivalry, one led by J. Craig Venter, one by Francis Collins — and from what I hear, those guys did not like each other at all.

Because As We All Know, The Green Party Runs the World.

(via Charlie Stross)

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[From Scientist explains why climate scientists talk trash]

It’s not a surprise that the people attacking climate science don’t understand how science works.

Nov 26

The extension came in the post today so I installed the dog gate.

Dog Gate

Useful for answering the front door without unfortunate puppy incidents.

See More Security

Nov 26

But clone maker sold just 768 systems, says Apple’s economist. The Mac clone maker now fighting for its life in federal court pitched an extremely aggressive business plan to potential investors last year, claiming that it would sell as many as 12 million machines in 2011. [From Psystar promised investors huge clone sales]

Not just criminals, but incompetent criminals!

Nov 26

Betanews reports (via The Loop) on data from market research firm NPD showing that Apple garnered 48% of the U.S. PC industry’s retail revenue last month.In October, Mac US retail desktop computer revenue share was 47.71, percent up … [From Apple Records Nearly Half of U.S. PC Desktop Retail Industry Revenue]

This is why Apple doesn’t sell a netbook.

Nov 25

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When I visited Liverpool last month, I saw that Tesco was everywhere — as big box store, as a gas station, in smaller markets, and even Tesco Mobile, a joint venture with O2. So, it’s no surprise to me to hear that Tesco is planning to offer the iPhone at its stores in the UK. A spokesperson told the BBC that the phone will be available “in time for Christmas.” Tesco joins O2, Vodafone and Orange in selling the iPhone.

[Via Engadget]TUAWUK to get 4th carrier for iPhone originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Wed, 25 Nov 2009 12:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.Read | Permalink | Email this | Comments [From UK to get 4th carrier for iPhone]

And yet they all charge about the same.

Nov 24

Despite Amazon Prime next day delivery it was too dark to use my new Utility Bar when it arrived. Tomorrow perhaps.

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