Nov 23

Another ‘re-imagining’ of cult character Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer should brace themselves for a cinematic “re-imagining” of the cult character, which producer Charles Roven describes as a “a completely new reboot”.… [From Buffy to slay her way back into cinemas]

At best this would seem to be unnecessary and I expect it will be a lot worse than that. Joss Whedon is not attached to the project in any way.

Nov 17

Bought some Purple Majesty potatoes and peeled them.


Cut them into chips.


Cooked them in the Actifry.


And ate them with fish fingers, peas, and fried eggs. Put on some malt vinegar and HP sauce too.


I had mandarins in orange jelly for pudding.

Nov 09

Saw Motörhead at the AECC last night. They played from about 9:30 PM until 11 PM. I didn’t recognise any of the material in the main part of the show apart from Eat The Rich, but they played Ace of Spades and Overkill for the encore. H&S must have taken a toll in the thirty-odd years since I last saw them as I was able to hear normally after the show. I went home and watched Dexter and didn’t even have to turn the volume up.

Nov 01

A large parcel of 48 assorted bowl noodles and three packs of spicy shrimp crackers arrived this morning.


Pip was intrigued.


IMG_5434.JPG IMG_5435.JPG

These ones are Vietnamese.

Tom Ram Shrimp

Kimchi flavour !

Nong Shim Kimchi

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