Dec 21

Another great little British SF movie after last year’s Moon. Is there a trend of one word titles beginning with ‘M’?

Dec 20

Handy gadget for attaching bare drives by USB without having to mount them in a caddy or case.

IMG_5473.JPG IMG_5476.JPG IMG_5478.JPG IMG_5480.JPG IMG_5486.JPG

Dec 16

Went to see Sofia Coppola’s new film Somewhere starring Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning. A meditative piece of similar themes to Lost in Translation but less comical. Not much happens but I liked it.

Dec 06

My pair of Formac 160GB rotating back-up drives were full so I needed something bigger. I got a pair of GoFlex 1TB drives which came with USB interfaces. I got a single Firewire pluggable interface to share between them. One drive is sitting in the Firewire dock getting backups stored on it while the other is rotated out offsite.

A £5 Firewire 400<->800 cable let me plug it into my iMac.

IMG_5453.JPG IMG_5457.JPG IMG_5458.JPG IMG_5459.JPG IMG_5460.JPG IMG_5466.JPG IMG_5468.JPG IMG_5469.JPG

Dec 01

Probably incomprehensible if you hadn’t read the book. Various scenes from the book unclearly connected in the film. Worst of the three, and not a very good film.

At imdb.

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