Jan 11

My ISP recently notified me that my ADSL was getting a free upgrade to ADLS2+ sometime between February and April. This was good news apart from the fact that my existing modem/router was so old that it didn’t do ADSL2+ 🙁 It was a DrayTek 2600We that had been running pretty much 24/7 without problems since November 2002 when I first got ADSL. It also only supported WEP on the wireless LAN so that was a bit obsolete.

Today my new modem/router/firewall/wireless access point arrived and was quickly installed ready for my line upgrade.

Big box.


Littler box inside.

IMG_5568.JPG IMG_5569.JPG

Neat and tidy. Template for drilling holes for wall-mounting.




Screws and plugs for wallmounting and a pad of DrayTek post-its included.


Light compact switching power supply.


Set up and running. Now I get wireless on the other side of the house too 🙂


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