Jun 08

A Seagate 1TB external drive I was using for Time Machine clattered and clanked and died just outside its two-year warranty the other week. Rather than directly replace it I thought I’d get a bigger drive, move everything from my reliable Buffalo 1TB external drive to the new drive and repurpose the Buffalo drive as a Time Machine Drive.

I believe these are discontinued and the remaining stock is on sale while available.


Special Mac edition in aluminium case pre-formatted in hfs+ ready to use.

IMG_5812.JPG IMG_5814.JPG IMG_5815.JPG IMG_5817.JPG IMG_5818.JPG IMG_5819.JPG

Power supply and cables.



It looks nice, runs cool and is very quiet.


And its warranty runs until 6/6/2015.

Jun 08

IMG_5805.JPG IMG_5807.JPG IMG_5808.JPG IMG_5809.JPG IMG_5810.JPG

Jun 08

Just stopped working. Opened it up for a look. Ordered replacement 85Mbps unit. The 1000Mbps now cost the same so next time I might replace all four with newer ones.

IMG_5799.JPG IMG_5803.JPG

Jun 03

Less than a day until the final episode of season two of Game of Thrones airs on Sky Atlantic here in the UK. Up until now I have watched the previous episode again before each new one, but since episode nine, Blackwater, skipped most of the plot lines that will be visited in the finale it seems more appropriate to watch episode eight again.

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