May 08

Got a new gas lift for the office chair. Fitting it was slightly harder than the youtube videos made it look and as well as a rubber mallet I needed a mole wrench, hex key and needle-nose pliers. Still, it only took about twenty minutes and I had a seat that went up higher than before and shouldn’t randomly collapse on me 🙂


Mar 27

A no brainer upgrade. Now I have a spare original B+



Sep 27

On the 25th we had a ten-minute power outage. This is very unusual – normally years go by without a power cut around here. A little later in the day several vans arrived and men dug a hole in the pavement in front of my front door. They found what they were looking for and cut the power (not my power – it’s still on). They need a bigger hole to replace a section of cable.


The next day they put up lots of no parking bollards and put notes in windshields waiting for the parked cars to go away.


Today they dug the rest of the hole, patched up the fault in the cable and went away.

IMG_5975 IMG_5976 IMG_5978

I expect somebody will come and fill the hole in again soon.

May 31

This dishwasher rear rail cap cost £3.45 including delivery. It arrived this morning and I fitted it. Now the top shelf of the dishwasher doesn’t fall off its rails when you pull it out.


Jun 08

Just stopped working. Opened it up for a look. Ordered replacement 85Mbps unit. The 1000Mbps now cost the same so next time I might replace all four with newer ones.

IMG_5799.JPG IMG_5803.JPG

Sep 23

Time to replace the DVD unit in the home theatre again.

IMG_5398.JPG IMG_5399.JPG IMG_5400.JPG IMG_5401.JPG IMG_5403.JPG IMG_5404.JPG IMG_5405.JPG

It was a quicker job this time. I didn’t lose any of my settings like region free or speaker delay. Successfully played my filthy rental DVD in time to return it for the next one 🙂

Jul 03

The box containing the DNS-323 and the cheapest compatible drive I could find (which was a 500GB) arrives and is unpacked.


NAS and HD in boxes.


Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB.


Eco-friendly cardboard packaging on the DNS-323.


It is even smaller than I expected.


Cables, power brick.


It seems quite nicely made.


Side by side with HD before installation.


Another view.


Rear view.


Front cover just slides off to slide in drive(s)


Assembled and hacked in short order. Got lighthttpd mySQL and PHP running. Just a bit of tweaking and hardening and then I’ll find a place to tuck it away out of sight and save some desk space 🙂


Tucked away in the home theatre cabinet with other fan-bearing gadgets.


Feb 07

Today I opened up my home theatre system to clean the lens on the DVD player with a cotton bud and some isopropyl alcohol as it was beginning to get a bit fussy about rental disks (which tend to be dirty). This was the first time I’ve had to clean it since replacing the whole DVD drive mechanism a while back. It should work with occasional cleaning for a few more months and then I’ll need to replace the whole optical drive again. Or get a new home theatre system.

This is what it looks like inside from when I replaced the drive mechanism.

New drive installed except for attaching the cables.


The old drive before it came out.


Jan 25


My cheap USB hub died the other day. Inside is a bit wibbly wobbly so I’m not surprised. Let’s see if the new one lasts longer.

Jan 03

For the curious, what it looks like inside. Don’t do this at home.


Top cover off. The transparent plastic fork thing is the light guide to take the LED lights from the circuit board to the outside.



ARM license CPU.

See HomePlug Turbo

preload preload preload