May 26

So I wanted to connect my SKY HD box to the internet to receive the SKY Anytime+ service. I already had a Homeplug behind the home theatre setup providing a connection for the NAS.

So I got this.


Eco-friendly cardboard packaging.


Very small.


All wired up and running.


The wiring behind the TV is a little much.


Two HDMI cables, three ethernet cables, 6 pairs of speaker cables for the 5.1 surround sound, a phone cable, two coaxial cables to the dish, a TOS optical audio link, a stereo feed from the HTIB to the wireless headphone base, three mains power leads and three DC power supply leads. Probably something I forgot.


May 25

I made a good guess in this old post (warning SPOILERS). Except

the character who seems to get killed off near the end may turn out to be magically saved in the next volume. So in fact there wasn’t a death of a major character after all. But we won’t know for a couple of years.

May 25

I went to see this last week (not in 3D) and enjoyed it quite a bit. Not as much as some of the reviewers did, but I found it an enjoyable well-made entertainment. Which makes it a lot better than most of the blockbusters in recent years.

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