May 21

As I previously mentioned I switched to using MacJournal for blogging as my previous blogging software ecto hadn’t been updated to use the new Photo software and so I could no longer post pictures easily. I did have a problem including html tags to interact with plugins such as the obfuscated text plugin used for the previous post. But an email to their support system soon gave me a response that solved the problem and now the software does everything I need.

Feb 13

So with the organised crime connection to the horse meat scandal why haven’t they told us the results of the tests for human DNA in those burgers and lasagne?

Dec 04

New Google Tools Help Speed Up Your Website: “Google releases a new, experimental set of webmaster tools for testing webpage load times. Now that nearly everyone has a blog or a website, site owners should pay attention to tools like these, as they are insightful and easy to use.

(Via Wired Top Stories.)

I’ll have to give these a try.

Nov 30

MarsEdit 2.4 – Weblog editor. (Shareware): “MarsEdit 2.4MarsEdit is a weblog editor for Mac OS X that makes weblog writing like writing email, with spell-checking, drafts, multiple windows, and even AppleScript support.

It works with with most blog services including WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Movable Type, TypePad, and many others.WHAT’S NEWVersion 2.4:

Improved Squarespace support

Support for server drafts
Support for tags
Support for adding new categories
Improved error handling

Post editor windows now automatically remember size and screen position
Avoid accidental post publishing by disabling the send button when document is not frontmost
Improved error messages for misconfigured Tumblr blogs
Bug fixes

Fixed Flickr image links so they produce valid HTML when align-centered.
Fix a Snow Leopard problem that prevented the Save button from enabling immediately when document is edited
Fix a rare bug that could cause locked up dialogs on the second launch
Fix a crash that could occur when configuring a blog with an extremely weird URL
Fix a bug that occurred when an invalid URL was specified for a blog home page
Fix a bug that caused duplication of tags on a previously published draft
Fix a bug that prevented existing open document from being located when opening a local draft.

REQUIREMENTSMac OS X 10.4 or later. Supports 10.6.PRICE$29.95DEVELOPERRed Sweater SoftwareDOWNLOADS24524DOWNLOAD NOW (3.6 MB)More information”

(Via MacUpdate – Mac OS X.)

This release fixes most of the things that made me like MarsEdit less than ecto. So I guess I’ll have to keep trying both of them for a bit longer. (Posted using MarsEDit 2.4)

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