Aug 17

New boots (again). This time I’ll try and remember to keep track of when I started wearing them and how long they last as although I buy a few different kinds I don’t know which last longest.

Feb 13

So with the organised crime connection to the horse meat scandal why haven’t they told us the results of the tests for human DNA in those burgers and lasagne?

Nov 03

A £15 replacement for the £19.95 Motorola I’ve been using for the last six years or so (the battery was beginning to fade). Just transferred the PAYG SIM over and there was my credit and numbers all ready to use. That’s the third handset the SIM has been in. It started around 2002 in a big brick of a Philips that cost £19.95. The Samsung does over two weeks between charges.


Sep 08

It’s 8/9/10 today as we write dates here.

Jul 16

Flattering if it were true 🙂

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Jun 17

WordPress 3.0 was released today so I upgraded this blog to use it. Needless to say I ignored all the instructions and then it didn’t entirely go smoothly. I had to ftp in and manually fiddle with things to get it working. It all seems to be going now 🙂

Jun 14

Mrs Wife bought a new 30l Brabantia bin from Amazon as they had them half price and the 20l bin was just too small. It arrived next day (Prime) in a large box.

IMG_5265.JPG IMG_5266.JPG IMG_5267.JPG

Apr 27

tcd004 writes “At a conference on digital media at the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI attacked the idea of transparency in the Internet age, warning that digital transparency exacerbates tensions between nations and within nations themselves. And increases the ‘dangers of… intellectual and moral relativism,’ which can lead to ‘multiple forms of degradation and humiliation’ of the essence of a person, and to the ‘pollution of the spirit.’ All in all, it seemed a pretty grim view of the wide-open communication environment being demanded by the Internet age.”

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

[From Pope Rails Against the Internet and Transparency]

And it lets us find out about what the catholic church has been up to that it would rather not have us know about.

Apr 26

My postal ballot for the parliamentary election arrived this morning. It’s filled in and I’ll post it next time I walk the dogs. Then I can ignore everything until the result 🙂

Apr 14

Ordered Monday 3PM, arrived Tuesday 11AM (free delivery). Yum!

IMG_5218.JPG copy IMG_5220.JPG IMG_5221.JPG

Not enough room on the table for all of them, but every variety in my order is there.

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