Sep 25

I had a dream. I dreamed of a burger with cheese and chili and an egg on top. I related this dream to Mrs Wife and she pointed out that I had forgotten bacon. So today I made my dream with bacon.

IMG_5691.JPG IMG_5692.JPG IMG_5693.JPG IMG_5694.JPG IMG_5695.JPG IMG_5696.JPG

Aug 15


This was breakfast a few weeks ago 🙂

Feb 03

Making yogurt the simple way.


Nov 17

Bought some Purple Majesty potatoes and peeled them.


Cut them into chips.


Cooked them in the Actifry.


And ate them with fish fingers, peas, and fried eggs. Put on some malt vinegar and HP sauce too.


I had mandarins in orange jelly for pudding.

Nov 01

A large parcel of 48 assorted bowl noodles and three packs of spicy shrimp crackers arrived this morning.


Pip was intrigued.


IMG_5434.JPG IMG_5435.JPG

These ones are Vietnamese.

Tom Ram Shrimp

Kimchi flavour !

Nong Shim Kimchi

Sep 23

Got one of these:

IMG_5391.JPG Tefal Actifryer IMG_5396.JPG IMG_5397.JPG

and made chips

IMG_5408.JPG IMG_5413.JPG

They were tasty.

Apr 14

Ordered Monday 3PM, arrived Tuesday 11AM (free delivery). Yum!

IMG_5218.JPG copy IMG_5220.JPG IMG_5221.JPG

Not enough room on the table for all of them, but every variety in my order is there.

Jan 03

As usual we had family over for food and drink.

IMG_5063.JPG copy

The dogs managed to grab a few sausage rolls and such as well.

Dec 14

Is currywurst going to be the next doner kebab (gyro) ?

Dec 13

Trying out the Bodum double wall glasses in the Tassimo to see if it really makes a coffee with three layers.

IMG_4993.JPG IMG_4994.JPG IMG_4995.JPG IMG_4996.JPG

It tasted quite nice too.

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