Dec 27

Lovely prezzies.


Dec 28


Game Of Thrones season 2 DVD box set, the Cogman Game of Thrones coffee-table book, the first three volumes of Buffy series 9 the comic book and the last two Banks books I hadn’t got. And I got a House Stark official GoT T-Shirt. And on top of the pile is a very small 32GB flash drive.

Dec 25



I didn’t photograph the prawn cocktail/turkey/trifle dinner. It was very good.

Jan 03

As usual we had family over for food and drink.

IMG_5063.JPG copy

The dogs managed to grab a few sausage rolls and such as well.

Dec 22

IMG_5025.JPG copy

Looks like the car might not be going anywhere for a few days.


But the dogs like bounding around in it.

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