Jan 21


Pip’s teeth are dropping out about the place.

Jan 03

As usual we had family over for food and drink.

IMG_5063.JPG copy

The dogs managed to grab a few sausage rolls and such as well.

Dec 22


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Dec 22

IMG_5025.JPG copy

Looks like the car might not be going anywhere for a few days.


But the dogs like bounding around in it.

Dec 18


He’s getting bigger.

Dec 18


Today Pip met snow and bit it a lot.

Dec 08


Pip out and about in his coat.

Nov 26

The extension came in the post today so I installed the dog gate.

Dog Gate

Useful for answering the front door without unfortunate puppy incidents.

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Nov 21

Pip and Ceanna seem to be getting along.

Pip and Ceanna IMG_4958.JPG

Nov 20

Just testing ecto to see if it is useful.


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