Dec 30

Nokia ramps up its legal fight against Apple, claiming that almost all of its products infringe its patents. [From Nokia expands claim against Apple]

I guess the next move is for Apple to dig up even more patents it claims Nokia infringes. Apple has been in the computer business a lot longer than Nokia has been in the phone business, and smartphones are computers.

Dec 30

Today an 85Mbps Homeplug Turbo I bought in June 2007 died. Just the power light on, no powerline or ethernet lights. Its partner of the pair I originally bought died in October.


A different make of HomePlug Turbo I bought in October 2007 failed in June.


I’ve been replacing all these units with the cheapest generic Chinese devices on Amazon because I really like the speed and simplicity of mains networking.

IMG_5051.JPG IMG_5055.JPG

But it seems they don’t last longer than about two years

See HomePlug inside

Dec 28

Finished watching season one of Six Feet Under yesterday. I’d managed to miss this show somehow so now I’m catching up with the complete box set which was on sale at Amazon. The first season was very good and I’m looking forward to the rest. It’s one of those shows that was made during the transition to widescreen so the first two seasons are in 4:3 aspect ratio and the last three are in 16:9.

Another show I never saw that I got the complete box set of is The Wire – a show that many critics deem the best TV drama show ever made. I’ll eventually get around to that. I still have to watch the last two seasons of The Shield first.

Dec 28

It started a couple of years ago on some of the cable channels but now it’s spreading. TV shows getting split into two mini-seasons per year with months between. I see some network shows aren’t returning in 2010 until March or even April – that’s a four month hiatus between the halves of the season. Some cable shows have even longer breaks.

Dec 28

As predicted here on MobileCrunch earlier this month, Apple rocked it this holiday season, and the early numbers are showing it. According to Flurry, the biggest mobile app analytics company, iPod Touch download volume saw a nearly 1,000% jump in downloads on Christmas Day. Overall, the App Store saw a 51% increase in downloads from November to December (downloads only increased by 15% from October to November). Christmas also marked the first day that iPod Touch app downloads surpassed iPhone app downloads, which makes sense (the iPod Touch is a more common gift than an iPhone; more on that later). Furthermore, the Android Market saw a nice 20% bump in app sales as well, sparked primarily by an uptick in downloads from the Motorola Droid. Read the rest of this post at MobileCrunch >> Crunch Network: CrunchGear drool over the sexiest new gadgets and hardware.[From Flurry: App Store Sees Record Breaking Christmas, 50% Growth From November To December]

The field is shaking out.

Dec 23

In 2009, the computers got smaller, the databases got bigger, and HTML’s dominance grew. None of these trends are new, and some of these changes are as old as computers themselves, but the magnitudes are greater or smaller than ever before. Here are the winners and losers we spotted on the software development landscape in 2009. For the programmers, alas, many of the year’s ups had downsides. [From Software development’s winners and losers, 2009 edition]

Pontification and punditry for the end of the year. Some good points, some interesting links.

Dec 22

A couple of weeks ago, Gartner issued a market report indicating that Microsoft’s share of the smartphone market had fallen to less than 8 percent in the last year, while Apple and RIM both made significant gains. Microsoft is at risk of falling into last place in mobile phones if it doesn’t do something about it. So what’s the one strength Microsoft can bring to the table? [From Will developers be the next battleground in smartphones?]

Commercial developers follow the money, and there’s little money in Microsoft mobile compared to iPhone. FOSS developers develop for Android first and Microsoft last.

Dec 22


See Security

Dec 22

IMG_5025.JPG copy

Looks like the car might not be going anywhere for a few days.


But the dogs like bounding around in it.

Dec 21

Redmond’s Steve? Not so much The prestigious Harvard Business Review has published a ranking of the world’s best-performing CEOs, and we’ll give you one guess as to who is El Numero Uno.…Offloading malware protection to the cloud [From Steve Jobs named world’s best CEO]

And Steve Ballmer isn’t in the top 100.

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