Jan 25

The Guardian’s top 50 television dramas of all time

Buffy not #1? No Dexter? Although the funniest part is the level of cluelessness in the comments. If some of the Buffy haters on there actually have seen any episodes they must have been the expurgated versions the BBC prepared for daytime TV. Because it’s a children’s programme obviously. One that has to be heavily cut for pre-watershed airing.

Jan 25

There are certain works of art that achieve all that they set out to do; and others that change the direction of their very art form. Peter Aspden thinks ‘Avatar’ does both [From Simply out of this world]

At last a commentator who isn’t an idiot!

Jan 25


My cheap USB hub died the other day. Inside is a bit wibbly wobbly so I’m not surprised. Let’s see if the new one lasts longer.

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