Jul 23

Went to see Inception today. It was quite good but I must have missed something (I was a bit tired) as it seemed quite straightforward to me.

Jul 21

Apple surpassed Microsoft two months ago as the world’s most highly valued tech company, and is now challenging the Redmond giant on another key metric: In a blowout third quarter, AAPL posted record revenue of $15.7 billion, which should be close to or exceed what Microsoft reports Thursday. [From Apple Is the New Microsoft, Part 2]

That would be two out of three. How long until Apple overtakes Microsoft on profit too?


Next quarter then 🙂

Jul 19

Enjoying Misfits season 1 on Saturday. Missed it the first time round because I never heard of it. The DVD for the 2nd season is due out in December which means it will be on TV soon. Not long to wait after catching up with the first season.

Jul 16

Flattering if it were true 🙂

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Jul 14

Went to see Predators today. I found it a bit tedious which was disappointing. The digital projection was nice and sharp although it did make me think it was just like watching on a very big HD TV with a surround sound system. Which I have at home. And I can pause that to go to the toilet. And there is nobody chattering or texting on a cellphone or kicking the back of my chair.

Jul 06

I see the UK release of the movie, the second in the trilogy, has moved two weeks earlier to 27 August from 10 September. So that’s nice 🙂 I guess the third part will now be released earlier too.

Jul 03

The box containing the DNS-323 and the cheapest compatible drive I could find (which was a 500GB) arrives and is unpacked.


NAS and HD in boxes.


Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB.


Eco-friendly cardboard packaging on the DNS-323.


It is even smaller than I expected.


Cables, power brick.


It seems quite nicely made.


Side by side with HD before installation.


Another view.


Rear view.


Front cover just slides off to slide in drive(s)


Assembled and hacked in short order. Got lighthttpd mySQL and PHP running. Just a bit of tweaking and hardening and then I’ll find a place to tuck it away out of sight and save some desk space 🙂


Tucked away in the home theatre cabinet with other fan-bearing gadgets.


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