Sep 24

Apple on Thursday overtook PetroChina Co. in terms of market value, making the Cupertino, Calif., company the second-largest company in the world.[From Apple now the world’s second largest company by market value]

That’s quite big 🙂

Sep 23

Wife’s mother’s internet was acting weird – it seemed a bit like a DNS problem – slow or partial page loads – but not that DNS problem as she is on the wrong version of Mac OS and Safari to have that problem. And it affected Firefox too. After changing DNS servers and other fiddling around I decided her ADSL modem/router must be faulty so I ordered a basic replacement.

IMG_5409.JPG IMG_5410.JPG IMG_5411.JPG

And it fixed the problem. That’s the second ADSL Modem I’ve seen go funny after a couple of years and start giving odd faults.

Sep 23

Time to replace the DVD unit in the home theatre again.

IMG_5398.JPG IMG_5399.JPG IMG_5400.JPG IMG_5401.JPG IMG_5403.JPG IMG_5404.JPG IMG_5405.JPG

It was a quicker job this time. I didn’t lose any of my settings like region free or speaker delay. Successfully played my filthy rental DVD in time to return it for the next one 🙂

Sep 23

Got one of these:

IMG_5391.JPG Tefal Actifryer IMG_5396.JPG IMG_5397.JPG

and made chips

IMG_5408.JPG IMG_5413.JPG

They were tasty.

Sep 17

(news/international/pope-congratulated-on-size-of-his-balls-201009173095/) POPE Benedict was congratulated on the sheer heft and girth of his testicles last night after the former Hitler Youth member said atheists were Nazis and accused Richard Dawkins of plotting a new holocaust. [From POPE CONGRATULATED ON SIZE OF HIS BALLS]

Hilarious 🙂

Sep 13

Religion’s voice is that of a spoiled child having a temper tantrum.

I have been accused by PalMD of lacking empathy for believers; that’s not quite right. My response to the Islamic uproar over the Florida preacher who was planning to burn the Koran on 11 September was to say that that’s too bad, we have a right to destroy our own property, and that the responses people were making to this trivial event were hysterical and inappropriate.

Informing me that the Muslims are genuinely and sincerely and deeply offended is not informative — contrary to the suggestion that I must have an empathy deficit to be unaware of that, I know that and appreciate the fact that their feelings are hurt and they are angry and outraged. My point is that I don’t care, and neither should anyone else. The Abrahamic religions are all about fostering that feeling of oppression, even when it isn’t there, and hearing yet another one of the more deranged members of the People of the Book whine that we show insufficient respect for their mythology gives me the same feeling of exasperation I felt when my small children would wail about not getting a candy bar in the grocery store. Fine, you can be mad about your deprivation, but that does not obligate me to serve your whims.

Read on [From Sunday Sacrilege: Respect is not the same as obedience – PZ Myers – Pharyngula]

Well said.

Sep 13

So good that in 2006, they predicted that Windows Mobile was poised to take over the industry and attract the most developers.

[From How Good Is Gartner at Predicting Smartphone Market Share?]

That’s a hoot 🙂

Sep 11

This week the pope is in London. You will have your own views on the discrimination against women, the homophobia, and the international criminal conspiracy to cover up for mass child rape. My special interest is his role in the 2 million people who die of Aids each year.

In May 2005, shortly after taking office, the pope made his first pronouncement on Aids, and came out against condoms. He was addressing bishops from South Africa, where somebody dies of Aids every two minutes; Botswana, where 23.9% of adults between 15 and 49 are HIV positive; Swaziland, where 26.1% of adults have HIV; Namibia (a trifling 15%); and Lesotho, 23%.

This is continuing. In March 2009, on his flight to Cameroon (where 540,000 people have HIV), Pope Benedict XVI explained that Aids is a tragedy “that cannot be overcome through the distribution of condoms, which even aggravates the problems”. In May 2009, the Congolese bishops conference made a happy announcement: “In all truth, the pope’s message which we received with joy has confirmed us in our fight against HIV/Aids. We say no to condoms!”

Read on [From Pope’s anti-condom message sabotages fight against AIDS – Ben Goldacre – Guardian]

A very evil man.

Sep 09

In a surprising announcement, and after receiving countless criticisms by developers and users, Apple has announced that they “are relaxing all restrictions on the development tools used to create iOS apps” and “publishing app review guidelines.” More » [From Apple to Allow Other iPhone Development Tools, Publishes App Review Guidelines [Apple]]

I guess they think the app ecosystem is strong enough now that Apple won’t get blamed for poor software development tools from third parties. And they can say I told you so if it happens.

Sep 08

It’s 8/9/10 today as we write dates here.

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